Sonia Ghai

Sonia is an ardent art lover and with a post-graduation diploma in Interior decoration.  She has been an entrepreneur for the last 17 years and has been actively involved with organizations like TiE Global, Vancouver Maritime Museum and Nargis Dutt Foundation among others. She was also featured on "Women in Focus", a very prestigious TV show in Canada which interviews successful women entrepreneurs from different fields. Currently, she is the Promoter – Director of Legacy Arts.  Given the diversity of Dubai and its residents, the organization developed over time to become a "Platform for Emerging Art & Artists" from all over the World to show case their art and connect to the art lovers residing in Dubai, UAE & the region. Legacy as part of its commitment to the art fraternity expanded its scope to include Corporate Leasing of Art, Project based commissioning etc., whilst retaining its base model of buying art upfront from emerging artists and then showcasing the same through various channels and events.

Anahita Ghai

Anahita has been assisting Sonia in the set up and growth of Legacy from her early years as an art student and events coordinator. She has participated and handled events and marketing for the last 7 years.   She brings a fresh new young approach to the business with her various ideas and insights. Anahita has been instrumental in the web site development, events and payment gateway for Legacy.

The Legacy Group

Legacy Group is a diversified business house and has been active in UAE since 2004. The group is involved in the following primary businesses segments presently viz:
  • Management Advisory, Joint Ventures, Incubation and Venture Capital(Azara Capital);
  • HR Outsourcing & Recruitment (Legacy Smart Employment Services);
  • Online Training – Expertise in App based Training Solutions (Legacy Knowledge);
  • Arts & Events (Legacy Marketing & Artistic Events DMCC