About Us

LEGACY - Emerging Art from Emerging Artists

Legacy Marketing & Artistic Events DMCC (“Legacy”) provides a complete bouquet of services including researching, procuring and commissioning of artworks. Legacy’s objective is to cater to increasing demand for art from corporates and also to organize events to target consumers through exhibitions. The team at Legacy has an experience of over two decades in the art business and has successfully established a network of relationships spread across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America.

The vision of Legacy Art when it started was to promote art from highly talented emerging artists from the region including South Asia. Given the diversity of Dubai and it’s residents, the organization developed over time to become a “Platform for Emerging Art & Artists” from all over the world to show case their art and connect to the art lovers residing in Dubai, UAE & the region. Legacy as part of its commitment to the art fraternity expanded its scope to include corporate leasing of art, project based commissioning etc., whilst retaining its base model of buying art upfront from emerging artists and then showcasing the same through various channels and events. Legacy is proud of its working model where the organization has frequently funded artists to encourage them to pursue their talent and produce remarkable pieces of art. Also, it will continue to recognize talent on an ongoing basis and nurture new emerging artists including local talent.