CODE : AA0756, SIZE : 12″ X 12″

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CODE : AA0756, SIZE : 12″ X 12″


Abdullah Ali

Abdullah Ali is a known and recognized Pakistan based artist. Abdullah’s journey to become an artist has been anything but ordinary. He continues to operate from a small town in Punjab Province and speaks the local dialect. His limited education and lack of international exposure has not held him back and he had several art exhibitions in Pakistan and Dubai. [read more] Abdullah’s canvases breathe of life. Rich and vibrant colours characterize his work. Abdullah has been able to give this dynamic script a new interpretation in the form of contemporary art. He creates new forms of art using acrylics on canvas to make his paintings truly unique. Abdullah considers himself to be a ‘realist’ but he does not try to imitate or copy nature. Nature provides him with inspiration to express his inner vision. There is a celebration of life in most pieces that he creates but he doesn't shy away from depicting life as it really is. This fine balance that he achieves in almost all his works is what sets him on to do even more. Canvasses filled with a riot of colors, ideas jostling to grab attention, the sheer energy in doing new work is what keeps him exploring. His drawings are bold and swiftly executed. Abdullah’s paintings adorn the interiors of well-known personalities. Each piece is handmade and customized to a client’s specifications. Clients receive one-on-one consultation and a personalized service to cater to their art needs. Needless to say, Abdullah’s work have found room in many private and public collections both at home and abroad. His collections are available at various galleries in Lahore, Karachi and Dubai. [/read]

12″ X 12″

Acrylic on canvas

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