CODE : KG-C0092, SIZE : 28″ X 20″

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CODE : KG-C0092, SIZE : 28″ X 20″


Kandan G

Kandan G is an Indian artist who has worked in different media using- acrylic on canvas, mixed media on wooden board with minimum colours. The canvasses and drawings collectively unite to build statement of human existence or it may be said that they present a parallel chapters in a novel where each segment is dotted with characters different from the rest. [read more] In totality the whole body of work does possess a potential to hold or propose to hold mirror to life’s myriad forms. SOLO EXHIBITION
  • 2007 “Mood and Expression” at Prasad Art Gallery, Mangalore.
  • 2007 at “Bahu Art Gallery” Karkala
  • 2010 “Myindianart .com” masters collection on line show Kolkatta.
  • 2011“Specific Energies” Kerala lalithakala academy Kochi.
  • 2011 Roophank Bharath Bhavan Bhopal.
  • 1993 Karavali Utsava.
  • 2006 Mangalore Ladies Circle.
  • 2007 ‘Ganesha’ at Orchid Art Gallery, Mangalore.
  • 2007 Ganesha” at Kannada Sahithya Bhavana Belguam.
  • 2007 Art for Cause” charity show by Ladies Circle,Mangalore.
  • 2008 ‘Last Supper’ Or chid Art Gallery Mangalore.
  • 2008 National level Art Exhibition in Pallet Art Gallery Jodhpur.
  • 2008 Chitrakala Parishat Bangalore. 2008.
  • 2008 “Romance of the Mansoon’ Orchid Art Gallery, Mangalore.
  • 2009 ‘Verdant Strokes’ by Kerala Lalit kala Academy, Kochi.
  • 2009 Shrusti Art Gallery Bangalore.
  • 2010 Art for a cause, Orchid Art Gallery, Mangalore.
  • 2011 Special cause at Veda Vrt gallery Bangalore.
  • 2011 Sanchalana, Karavali Chithrakala Chavadi.
  • 2012 Vimshati Ganesha by Artist Forum Udupi.
  • 2013 Devlalikar art gallery Indore 2013 [/read]

28″ X 20″

Acrylic on canvas

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