Code : PR0246 Size : 60” x 36”

Code : PR0246 Size : 60” x 36”

Code : PR0246 Size : 60” x 36”

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Palav Raviraj

Palav is an Indian based artist. He did his graduation from J J School of Arts, Mumbai. He is an abstract artist and he describes his current body of work as being Non-objective. Passionate, expressive yet subtle, these works have been evolved from a serious pursuit to gain access to the impelling force behind all of life. [read more] The process began by relating to the non-physical source which provides structure, and responding to the forms that develop along the way. That place which is “in between” the intangible and the physical realm is what excites him. The artist now lives and works in Mumbai.[/read]

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60” x 36”

Acrylic on Canvas

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