Code : AT1303 Size : 32” X 47”

Code : AT1303 Size : 32” X 47”

Code : AT1303 Size : 32” X 47”

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Alisher Turdaliev

 Alisher Turdaliev is a self taught artist from Kyrgyzstan.  He works in threads and brass nails. Using thousands of nails carefully positioned on a blank white canvas, Alisher spends countless hours meticulously winding long lengths of string around the brass nails.

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Over time, each piece comes to life as a complex drawing, where depth and tone are achieved by criss-crossing the thread over itself. Often spending long hours on a single portrait, Alisher says the key to his work is “Persistence, Passion, Patience.” He says, “Creating emotion and expression from this rare art form is a constant challenge. It motivates me to produce uniquely detailed art pieces that are consumed with hours of pride and enjoyment.”

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32” X 47”

Natural threads and brass nails

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