CODE : DJ1727, SIZE : 72″ x 48″

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CODE : DJ1727, SIZE : 72″ x 48″


Dinkar Jadhav

Dinkar Jadhav was born in 1973, Jadhavadi, Pune, India. He was a very hard working student in Kala Vishwa Mahavidyalaya at Sangli and Abhinava Kala Vidyalaya, Pune. At a young age he was inspired by J.M.W Turner following which he began to work in Impasto – a thickly textured paint that imparts a quality of ‘movement’ to the art.[read more] Dinkar Jadhav has also been fascinated with the play of light on nature, though he has never attempted to create the same colors on canvas. He breaks the colors into blocks on the canvas, never trying a uniform colored canvas. Over the years Dinkar has evolved a lot as an artist the result of which can be seen in his paintings. Jadhav uses art to communicate his inner anguish and his adept brush strokes ignite fiery strength on the canvas. Take his 2017 series “Anguish to Ecstasy” which throws the viewer into a romance between elements of nature, the sun, and the moon and horses. Dinkar Jadhav Paintings have been a part of more than 100 exhibitions and group shows around India. Corporate and individuals across the world are collectors of his work. Dinkar has actively participated in charity auctions. Working mainly in impasto, which involves layering of paint, Jadhav’s constant source of inspiration is the natural world. He frequently paints horses and bulls, displaying a wild energy. Artist Dinkar Jadhav is well-known for his Ashwa Chitramala (the Horse series) paintings. He uses bold and colourful palettes to paint his horses. The energy and positive spirit of a horse can be felt through his work. They symbolize the passion of love, struggle for living and spirit of freedom. He also uses images of the Sun and the Moon in his work which illuminates the space with the basic emotions and feelings of eternal romance. The colours are bright and gleaming with self-assurance, the brush strokes are gentle yet confident and echoing the spirit of ‘carpe diem’ i.e. seize the day! His horses symbolize the undaunted quest of human-beings for the greatest of the feelings called love. QUALIFICATION G.D. Art (Draw & Ptg.) 1994 A.T.D. 1995 from Abhinav Kala Mahvidyalaya, Pune. Maharashtra, India. AWARDS • Prafulla Art Foundation Kalanand Contest • Place 1st award Pune region 2016 • The Bombay Art Society 2009 • Art Society of India 2009 • V. Oak Award Pune2009 • State Art Award For Portrait Painting 1995 • Best Landscape Annual Awards 1991, 92,93,94 • 1st Annual Award for Sketching 1990 PARTICIPATION • 15 ve Marathi Kavya Samhelan Pune 2018 • New York Art Fair 2017 • Singapore Art Fair-2017 • Indian Art Fair Delhi 2017 • Art Yard Charity Show, Mumbai 2017 • Mask show Monalisa Gallery, Pune 2017 • Art beats foundation show, Pune 2017 • Salam Tirangi Lahero Ko group show mub-2017 • Dubai auction charity show 2017 • Dubai world art 2017 • Ambarnath art fair 2017 • Bombay art society show 2017 • Hydrabad art society show 2017 • Mercedes Benz show Pune 2017 • Jaipur art summit 2017 • Singapore art fair 2017 • Art Centrix show Delhi 2016 • IAF- Kalaspanadn, Mumbai-2016 • IAF- Mumbai-2016 • Inara art exhibition Pune 2016 • Within reach show Delhi 2016 • SNF auction for charity at JW Marriott Dubai 2016 • Eikowa art show Golf Course Bangaloar 2016 • Jito connect Pune 2016 • Dubai art fair 2016 • Lalit kala show 2016 • Whitefield art collective show Bangluru 2016 • Edelweiss palate art show mub 2016 • R.FOUNDATION art show, Pune 2016 • India Art Fest New Delhi 2016 • Mchi Credia Property Festival 2016 • Maadhyam at India habitat Delhi 2015 • Art Craftvilla gallery show Agra 2015 • Lokmangal foundation charity show 2015 • In transit Amfah art studio group show 2015 • Colours of life CPAA Charity Show 2015 • Mas communication charity show 2015 • Aartmosphere show at India habitat Delhi 2015 • Artmosphere show at Cymroza 2015 • Studio Saina group show 2014 • Melange-2014 Balgandharv Pune • Indian art Nouveau gallery Gurgaon 2014 • My Indian art Kolkata 2013 and 2014 • Gallery beyond Potpourri show at Jaipur 2013 • Art festival Mumbai 2013 • Mohor Pune Biennale 2013 • Singapore art show 2012 • Jakarta art show 2012 • Art chutney show hotel Taj Bangalore 2012 • The Blue Art Gallery View’’ international group show Delhi 2011 • TAD ARTS.PVT.LTD. group show Delhi 2011 • Renaissance gallery group show 2011 • Tilting art gallery 2011 • Jehangir art gallery 2011 • Bhart Ratna Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Kala Dalan • Opening Group Show Pune 2011 • Love & Peace Show at P L Deshpande art Gallery (Ravindra Natya Mandir Prabhadevi) Mumbai 2010 • Camlin Art Charity Show at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai-2009 • Art Fusion Show Nehru center Mumbai 2009 • Bombay Art Society award winner paintings Show Bangalore 2009. • Art Sai Bijox Group Show Pune 2008 • Sublime Expressions show • Sublime Expressions Show by Indian Ateliers • Goa, ICC Centre Pune 2008 • K.Nag Foundation Pune 2007 • Tatva Group Show Bangalore 2007 • Camel Art Foundation Show Baroda 2006. • 2005 All India Art Exhibition AIFACS • Sudarshan Art Gallery, Pune 2005 • Group Show Art For All Goa 2004 • India Art Gallery Show, Artist Centre Mumbai 2004 • V.Oak Exhibition Pune 1992,93, 04 • Artifis Exhibition Pune 1992 • State Art Exhibition 1992 EXHIBITION (Solo) • Jehangir art gallery Mubai 2017 • Artist of the month @indianartideas in 2016 • Artist of the month @artflute gallery 2016 • Hotel Chinnar show near magarpatta.2016 • The art India gallery solo online show 2015 • Ayatana art gallery Pune 2014 • TAIN square at Pune 2011 • Art Desh Gallery Mumbai 2007 • India Art Gallery, Pune 2004 • Khushabu Art Gallery, Pune 1998 • N.I. C.M.E. Campus, Pune 1998 • Balgandharva Kala Dalan, Pune 1995 • Art Plaza, Mumbai 1995 EXHIBITION (Group) • Jahangir art gallery 2011 • State art Gallery of fine arts, Hydrabad 2010 • International art fair Delhi 2010 • Museum Art Gallery Group Show, Mumbai 2010 • Indian Ateliers Show at Goa 2010 • Ganges- Eternal Art Show Banglore 2009 • Art Land Show Kumar Swami Hall Mumbai 2009 • Art Land Show Museum art Gallery Mumbai 2009 • Art Desh. Gallery Mumbai 2009 • India Art Gallery Pune 2009 • Nehru Centre Mumbai (TRIO-08) • Museum Art Gallery Group Show Mumbai 2008 • Artvasti Show Mumbai 2008 • Art Desh Gallery Opening Show Mumbai 2007 • Jahangir Art Gallery Show Mumbai 2007 • India Art Gallery Pune 5th. Anniversary Show 2007 • Rajiv Gandhi 63rd. Anniversary Show Mumbai 2007 • India Art Gallery Pune Monsoon Show 2006 • Art 2 Day Gallery Pune 2006 • Vaishwik Art Gallery, Pune 2006 • Charizma art Gallery, Pune 2005 • Balgandhav Kala Dalan Pune 2005,2003 • Khushbu Art Gallery, Pune 1997 Based on the belief that abstraction is creativity, Jadhav’s artworks display patches of colour in blocks, geometrical forms and crisp angles. The play of light and shade are represented in his compositions, with the use of colour. He is advancing on his self-chosen path of realization where only a true artist dares to walk on.[/read]

72″ x 48″

Acrylic on canvas

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