CODE : EV1677, SIZE : 42″ x 91″

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CODE : EV1677, SIZE : 42″ x 91″



Eviana Gerousi, a young and talented artist, was born in Belgium in 2001 and was raised in her homeland, Greece. She spent her teenage years in Dubai, where she specialised in photography and art, graduating school with the ‘Artist of the Year 2019’ award. This led her to travel in London and earn a place in the University of the Arts London (UAL), the top 2 in the world of Art and Design. Utilising the unique studio culture of Camberwell College of Arts (UAL), Eviana is exploring her freedom and individuality as an abstract artist. [read more] Art is her way to investigate, answer and translate life to herself and to her audience. She states that, “art allows a community to expand and develop in a significant form that grants opportunities and reality”. It is a form of worldwide communication. In more depth, Eviana is intrigued by the atmospheric landscapes, the different materials and psychological connection it takes to create a piece of art. Eviana believes art allows a human being to further adapt as a person, she also says that creativity lets them communicate their thoughts better. Eviana is known to express herself through intense, emotional and abstract paintings. You will notice that her work varies in abstracted landscapes. Recreating and freezing moments, she paints substantial, large-scale works that relate to her daily and personal life. Her biggest aim is to share and express intimate feelings and memories to her audience and allow them to find the motivation to express their own daily and personal lives. [/read]

42″ x 91″

Oil, acrylic and ink on canvas

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