CODE : HH1257, SIZE : 36″ X 36″

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CODE : HH1257, SIZE : 36″ X 36″


Humaira Hussain

An Irish Pakistani professional contemporary artist and student of Gul Jee and Ghulam Rasool, Humaira Hussain was born in Pakistan in 1963 and moved to Ireland to purse her education. A multidisciplinary artist with honors Graduate and post graduate Degrees of Fine Arts and Migration Diaspora Cultural Studies from Punjab University and University of Ireland respectively.[read more] She is the International Fine Arts Director for Forever Rose London. Hussain has mastered the fragment of nature with peace in the wilderness. Vibrant colors with meticulous process encapsulates her expression generating energy and optimism. Calculated asymmetrical endeavors and exploratory strokes unite discovery and fulfillment. The essence of her subject matter transcends over the surface of the canvas with a dynamic vigor and buoyant expression. Her command of technique, stylistically, playful composition and use of brilliant colors adds a compelling vibrancy to her artwork. She has many solo and group exhibition to her credit exhibiting in UK, Pakistan, Ireland, UAE, Lebanon and Paris.[/read]

36″ X 36″

Acrylic on canvas

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