CODE : JP1913, SIZE : 28″ X 40″

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CODE : JP1913, SIZE : 28″ X 40″


Joanna Patejuk

Joanna Patejuk was born in Poland, of Ukrainian origin. She is a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Gdańsk. For over 20 years she has been traveling the world on horseback, combining her three passions - Horses, Camels and Art. Professional jockey, trainer in horse racing, camel champion jockey in C1 Championship and self-taught artist.

[read more] Joanna's collection is bursting with energy, intensity of colors, creative impetus and extraordinary joy of creation. She is inspired by beautiful, strong, independent and famous women. For Joanna, art acts as a counterbalance to the unbearable burden of the mundane. Which is why she resorts to unconventional painting materials. Besides canvas, paints and brushes she plays with glue, matches, colored paper and pieces of photography. After all, art should reflect life’s diversity. [/read]

Mix Media on Canvas

28″ X 40″

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