CODE : MRR1331, SIZE : 25″ X 40″

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CODE : MRR1331, SIZE : 25″ X 40″


Mohammad Reza Rafatneshan

“The true work of art is but a shadow of divine perfection” (Rumi) Mohammad Rafatneshan was born in Iran in the year 1963. He is a Painter, sculptor, architect and interior designer. With more than thirty-three years at the top of his profession, Mohammad Rafat is one of the most talented and diverse Iranian artists in the Middle East! [read more] He was born in December of 1963 in Tehran, Iran where he learnt to paint very early in his life and over time developed an interdisciplinary way of creating art.  As a Sculptor, Painter, Draftsman, and an interior designer, Rafat’s expressive art tell a complete story with emotionally lasting impact on any spectator. Over the years he has lead exhibitions involving social, environmental, and cultural narratives.  To name a few – in 1999 he orchestrated the most influential exhibition in Tehran involving 53 pieces of sculptures, paintings and sketches which demonstrated the effects of nicotine on people and the environment.  This exhibition awarded him an international recognition for art and social consciousness. Further, his sculpture exhibition at the international museum of fine arts in 1998 in Tehran created a sensation as a symbol of interweaving the contemporary with the classical.  Also, his designs for silk Persian rugs at the first UAE Rug Exhibition in 1997 gained such appreciation and attention that 12 of his designs were given to UAE government leaders as gifts.  And the list goes on…. From refurbishing the historic palaces in St. Petersburg and creating the magnificent sculptures to painting memorable portraits on canvas, Rafat makes the power of fine art come to life in a remarkable fashion and continuously prevails in every aspect of the subject. Most of Mohamad's artworks can be encountered in private collection of  UAE Royal family’s and art collectors from all over the world. Some of his artworks are displayed in Burj Al Arab, Dubai Airport-Terminal One and Dubai World Trade Centre. [/read]

25″ X 40″

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

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