CODE : NH1917, SIZE : 36″ X 36″

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CODE : NH1917, SIZE : 36″ X 36″


Nazar Haidri

Pakistani artist, born in Lucknow, Nazar has always had keen interest in classical music & art. Now, he infuses his love for the two on canvas using various techniques such as cubism and pointillism. Haidri’s art journey began in 1958. After passing his intermediate examination from Lucknow, his birthplace, Haidri migrated to Pakistan. Three years later in 1961, Haidri became one of the first students at art classes started by the Arts Council of Pakistan. Soon after, Haidri bagged the first job of his professional art career as a junior commercial artist. Over the years, Haidri has made over 300 paintings, which have been exhibited and sold across the world. Haidri’s paintings were also displayed for purchase at the National Art Exhibition in Pakistan every year. An avid traveller, Haidri has visited various parts of the world for his exhibitions.

Oil on canvas

36″ X 36″

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