CODE : NSP1104, SIZE : 36″ x 36″

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CODE : NSP1104, SIZE : 36″ x 36″


N. S. Pattar

The physical world pursues the abstract as the one that is non-existing.  Abstract is metaphysical, of the artist’s inner vision, related to soul and a continuous dialogue of the concept called  ‘the infinite’. [read more] In these series of paintings the visual depiction is achieved through, line, colour, form and texture. But these are not the only ‘factors’ but include expressions of experiences and their ‘inner imagery’.  Often these expressions are ‘mathematical’ or ‘ essays of harmony’ or accounts of ‘Inner rhythm’.  The whole imagery of artist’s expression stand as symbol of that inner voice. This is like gentle swaying of breeze or melody and rhythm of music.  The discerning viewer is led to delve deeper into these artworks. An empty canvas and an empty mind are the starting point of artists’ expression. N S Pattar says ‘I start from nothing and traverse through my life’s different experiences and wisdom and they manifest in different forms.’ This artistic sojourn creates opportunity and it becomes matter. This process goes further till the time the artworks itself announces a stop to its further journey. That is the time an artwork is created. The experiences artist grasped, his self-influences, creative sparks, and aspects of Indian aesthetics, colour theories have all given a rendering onto the canvas in both physical and metaphysical ways. All these are suitably combined to form the very ‘essence’ of his artworks. Thus artwork born in vacuity always filled with magnetism and positivity.  It inhabits the artwork in its sublime forms. It inspires, it creates and it is lyrical. [/read]  

36″ x 36″

Oil On canvas

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