CODE : PS1076, SIZE : 24″ X 24″

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CODE : PS1076, SIZE : 24″ X 24″


Pradip Sarkar

Pradip Sarkar was born in 1961 Dhanbad State of Jharkhand and is one of a very prolific contemporary artists. His artworks present vibrant and joyous scenes of celebration and music. The figures are rendered in clean, angular lines with soft gradients of colours that give the works a modern yet soft and delicate aesthetic. [read more] Pradip Sarkar firmly believes that "a human being is the most unique creation in the universe". The spiritual domain surrounding the multitude of mankind is indeed his source of inspiration. Most importantly it is his unwavering conviction that every individual is imbued with extensive diversity and collectively their restive striven attitude appeals to him greatly. Sometimes people are neglected, depressed in spirit and at times they may be delighted and illuminated. At this juncture all those voices, emotions, joys and weeping are the driving force for him and provide him with a prologue to his work. Pradip has been toiling hard with his brush and pigments for the last twenty-five years or more to express the varied human moods. In fact, he knows not what his next painting would be but the canvas leads him and he follows. For over two and half decades he has been working relentlessly on his coveted painting themes and has won laurels in many events. Pradip has been awarded for his paintings by the Hindustan Times New Delhi - 1995 and Honoured from India Art Fiesta, Mumbai - 2015. He has worked brilliantly on paintings at various national and international institutes and has participated in more than 20 group shows, 4 solo painting shows, one joint painting show, painting camps, workshops and live demonstrations of paintings Pradip has created a large theme sculpture on open air for academic complex in 2006 at Indian School of Mines University, Dhanbad. He has also designed various themes and logos for more then 30 institutions such as the ISM university, Dhanbad, Kala Bhawan, Dhanbad, International Symposium on Land Subsidence', National Polio - Plus Immunization Task Force, National Federation Cup Women's Football Championship, Indian Scientific Antarctica Expedition, New Delhi etc. [/read]

24″ X 24″

Acrylic on canvas

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