CODE : RK1692, SIZE : 24″ x 36″

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CODE : RK1692, SIZE : 24″ x 36″


Razieh Karami

Razieh Karami is an Iranian artist who has her own philosophy of art. She believes that art brings peace and enthusiasm to her life; she says she forgets time when drawing, painting and sewing. In her opinion being creator is enjoyable. [read more] Beauty, love and peace are the main elements she’d like to convey by her art and to offer her spectators. Her life was beautiful and at the same time difficult; but the result was reaching to the art and love and serving others. As she says her ancestors were nomads and they were free; then they settled in Jahrom, in Fars province, Iran and made a village there. With this background she was in love with nature and freedom; nature makes her to love and binges her calmness and strength to forgive all the sufferings and coming back to the life. She says ‘most artists follow one rule and that is they get inspiration from their heart and their suffering is the same.’ She had her first exhibition In Dubai, in July 2015 for nine days, which brought her admiration of spectators. There she had three years of art experience in California and had her second exhibition there, where she also was teaching art, and conveyed the splendor of her lines to others who were adults and children. Razieh always raises the slogan of one world in her paintings and relationships. She says that there should be no borders between countries and no differences between people on the basis of religion or ethnicity. All people are equal. Women and life are the main topics in paintings of this Iranian painter.[/read]

24″ x 36″

Acrylic on canvas

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