CODE : TY1804, SIZE : 40″ x 28″

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CODE : TY1804, SIZE : 40″ x 28″


Tatiana Yatlo

Tatiana Yatlo is a modern, talented Ukrainian artist who is specialized in oil painting. She is an Art ambassador of Ukraine in Art Connect women 2022, 2023. Guinness record holder 2023. [read more] Tatiana graduated with honors from the Odessa Theater and Art School in 2011.  After completing her education, she worked as an art teacher in secondary school. Tatiana’s great passion in life is art. Most of Tatiana’s paintings are women’s portraits, deeply poetic and inspired by women’s empowerment. She likes to record that a woman is blessed with strength that no other creature on earth can have and show the emotion of experience of the moment. Tatiana wants women to feel empowered without giving up their femininity. [/read] ​

Acrylic on canvas

40″ x 28″

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