CODE:AN1705 SIZE: 36″X48″

CODE:AN1705 SIZE: 36″X48″

CODE:AN1705 SIZE: 36″X48″

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Ashair Naeem

Ashair Naeem, an artist from Pakistan whose pointer on canvas pieces tackled a fairly common subject (women), yet were unique in their execution. In his pieces, the female figure was seen in a plethora of

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reflective and sentient poses, often overlapped, mostly with their head bowed down or faces hidden, perhaps mirroring their inner conundrums. The artist was possibly commenting on the strength women require to be able to live in a male-dominated world, or the inner strength they require to deal with the various roles they undertake in their lives. Naeem’s technique displayed good skill, as his measured lines and careful pen strokes assimilated to form imagery that seemed digitally generated.

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