Code : AA-C001 Size : 60″ X 40″

Code : AA-C001 Size : 60″ X 40″

Code : AA-C001 Size : 60″ X 40″

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Akshay Arora

Akshay Arora is an avid painter from India who likes to experiment with different textures, mediums and colours and has a keen interest in music. He is also a Chartered Accountant working in the Shipping and Logistics industry. During the course of his work, he has travelled extensively to countries in Africa and Middle East, exposing him to unique cultural and artistic values. [read more] Akshay has participated in a few solo and group exhibitions in Dubai and his artworks were well received. His paintings depict a strong composition, a deliberate choice of value, colour, intensity and definitely a visual harmony. Akshay continues to engage with the local art community, imbibing new techniques of drawing and painting.[/read]

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Extra Large, Large

60″ X 40″

Mixed media on canvas

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