CODE : SW0160, SIZE : 25″ x 36″

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CODE : SW0160, SIZE : 25″ x 36″


Satbir Wariach

“We humans are in love with the unseen and unknown.” “An artist believes in the charm of human soul.” Born to be an artist, a degree in computer administration could not keep Satbir inside a cubicle, contained to a 9 to 5 desk job. Followed by one intense course in animation, and photoshoots for renowned magazines, this computer professional then wholeheartedly embraced his calling in the world of art.[read more] Meet Satbir Singh Waraich, an artist from India who vividly captures human emotions on his canvas. Engrained with the genes full of creative panache, Satbir’s creations involve taking to canvas, raw and untapped sentiments on an untouched human face. Satbir’s paintings are a reflection of his own self, and each is an impression of being incomplete, yet complete, in a haunting and beautiful way. Beguiling and enchanting, his work is a mirror to his own soul, that he strives to find and explore with each of his works. Currently working in Delhi, Satbir’s one and only true love and passion is the emotions he creates and recreates on canvas, and his paints.[/read]

25” x 36”

Mixed Media on Canvas

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