CODE : V20294/5, SIZE : 24” x 48” each

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CODE : V20294/5, SIZE : 24” x 48” each


V2 Artists

V2 Artists comprises of two completely different personalities, and as artists, we bring to the canvas two different skillets and talent that completely complement each other. All of our paintings are a joint effort, which is unusual and unheard of. Just as in our daily life, we continuously support each other and encourage each other’s ideas and decisions. [read more] I, Varsha Parikh am an artist who is fond of any form of art and nature. I have been an artist all my life. An artist is better known and understood through his or her paintings. And I believe it’s the best form of expressing oneself. However, I finally found peace with myself when I took my passion of painting from a simple hobby to a full-time profession. Art helps me channelize my feelings and energy into beautiful creations. My favorite paintings are a result of a deep desire to express my utmost feelings of happiness and pain. I do believe that personal life and experiences not only molds one into a good human but also a beautiful artist. I, Smruti Bhukhanwala from a shy creative child to an empathic doctor, from a busy wife to an indulgent mother – Throughout this entire journey there was always an artist simmering and smoldering inside me – an omnipresent spirit that was forced to stay in the background. I realized my inner life expressions through art. I have always painted from my heart and my emotions, moods and volition are the greatest factors that determine the colors and themes of my paintings.[/read]

24” x 48”each

Mixed Media on Canvas

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