Code : KB0285 Size : 48” x 36”

Code : KB0285 Size : 48” x 36”

Code : KB0285 Size : 48” x 36”

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K Balamurali

Born in 1966, India Balamurali is a self-taught painter. He has been painting for the last 32 years. Balamurali has come from a family of artists. He grew up painting under the guidance of senior artist late M. Sivanesan and M. Krishnan.[read more] Art has always been an avenue of adventure and self-discovery, an area of freedom in which to search things out for Balamurali. His favorite subject is nature and monuments. The architectural monuments, particularly in and around Delhi, has inspired him to create paintings of this type. The treatment and technique he applies distinguishes his work. Balamurali preferred medium is oil on canvas. He uses monochromatic color scheme in his work to blend harmoniously the elements of nature and architecture to create a sense of serenity. [/read]

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48” x 36”

Oil on Canvas

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