CODE : RD0045, SIZE : 36″ X 48″

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CODE : RD0045, SIZE : 36″ X 48″


Ragini Dewan

Having graduated in graphic design from National Institute of Design, one of Asia’s most prestigious schools in India, Ragini Dewan has proved to be an artist with vision and skill that dwells deep into the abstract world of art. She is exceptionally multifaceted and experiments in a variety of art media, using glass, mono-print, acrylics and ceramics to showcase her talent. [read more] Though Ragini works in series, she does not believe in monotony and so her paintings, sculptures and prints are extremely varied in style and emotion. One of Raginis’ trademarks, however, is her heavily textured art which helps in portraying an almost 3-D effect. She refuses to stick to one style or medium when working on a piece. Instead, her acrylics and mono-prints rendezvous on canvas and paper just like the colors that she uses to brighten up her glass sculptures. Bright bold colors, defined intensity and creativity that exceeds beyond boundaries have enabled Ragini through her journey of continuous self discovery and has highlighted her motivation to create and to just ‘be’.[/read]

36″ X 48″

Oil on Canvas

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