CODE : MN0676, SIZE : 30″ X 36″

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CODE : MN0676, SIZE : 30″ X 36″


Mehika Nicole

The concept of Mehika's work is based on Indian Metaphysics. Something that cannot be expressed in words. It exists inside the mind of an observer. When Mehika uses the word mind, it's not the present state of mind that we are in, but that is in a far supreme state which is beyond everything and nothing. [read more] The principal object of Mehika's painting is in the realization of the nature of self identity which in turn is the main aspect of Indian Metaphysics. In Mehika's paintings she depicts the "Emptiness" , "Voidness" and "Nothingness. Not in the literal sense but something that is pure and trying to reach a level of absolute reality. Hence her work is abstract because it does not attempt to represent visual reality. She uses shapes and colours to be true to the nature of abstraction in order to be pure , simple and spiritual. Mehika is more interested in Metaphysics hence she is pursuing her Masters in Vedic Sciences (M.V.Sc). Even though it takes several lifetimes to attain self realization, she will start the process in this life through her paintings to reach a level of at least trying to understand the unknown. The specifics regarding the description of the shapes and colours she uses for her paintings. Triangles- The use of triangles depict the four elements of life, i.e Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Curved lines- The curved lines or the wave portrays the vibrations of the universe. Dots- The dots depict the infinite. Circles- The circles are the aura that surrounds a being. The colours Mehika choose are vibrant to showcase the vibrancy of our cosmos. she uses black to show the depth and also because it associates itself with mystery.[/read]

30″ X 36″

Acrylic on canvas

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