Art consultancy

Searching for the perfect piece of art for any space in your house or office can be a challenging task. It requires consideration of various factors such as theme, available space, color scheme, and the story the artwork conveys. However, with Legacy Art's Consulting Service, the process becomes hassle-free and enjoyable. From the discussion stage to the final masterpiece, we guide you through every step, ensuring your requirements are met.

    Our approach is simple:

    Selecting Themes: We guide you in choosing a theme for your space, whether you seek a relaxed getaway, a vibrant burst of energy, or anything in between.

    Art Selection and Curation: Our team of professional consultants sources artworks aligned with your chosen theme and budget.

    Artist Collaboration: We collaborate with established and emerging artists to source or commission artworks that perfectly match your vision.

    Schedule an appointment today by calling us at +971 50 469 9130 if you would like to explore our services.