Commercial projects

Commercial projects at Legacy Art are thoughtfully conceptualized, blending creativity and business acumen to deliver bespoke art experiences. We approach corporate partnerships by understanding the business entity and aligning its values with artistic expression.

Why should you consider investing in art for commercial spaces?

We've revolutionized the way art pieces are sourced, selected, sold, and displayed for corporates. We believe that art can turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments that engage, inspire, and motivate. Incorporating beautiful artworks into your corporate spaces offers many benefits, including:

Maintaining Your Brand Image: Our team of art experts has over 20 years of experience in this space. We believe art has the power to communicate your brand values, identity, and culture to clients, employees, and visitors. Therefore, we meticulously select each piece from thousands of others to offer a timeless aesthetic that captures emotions and celebrates art.

Inclusion: We support and invest in inspiring artworks to ensure corporate employees feel a sense of belonging in their work environment.

Compassion: Corporate art initiatives showcase commitment to communities and employees, positively contributing to cultural enrichment by supporting local artists and galleries.

Our Art Services for Commercial Spaces

Over the years, we have built an extensive art collection with various pieces that align with your corporate vision, values, and aesthetic preferences. We also offer commission services to create custom-made pieces for any space in your office where you would like an exclusive piece of art.

From large-scale sculptures and murals to gallery walls, our team designs and installs with great care at every step.

We even offer Art Rental Programs: This helps you refresh your corporate environment with rotating art displays through our flexible art rental programs, providing access to a curated selection of artworks for temporary installations or events.

We are here to make your experience seamless every step of the way. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at +971 50 469 9130.